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IDEA 2016


Dear IDEA Friends,

First of all, we would like to thank you for the interest on our Congress,

Taking into consideration the concern caused by the latest security issues all around the world, IDEA 2016 World Congress has been postponed 1 year to take place between 10-16 July 2017. The postponement decision has been made because of the concerns of our valuable participants.

We continue to work on the preparations in order to host IDEA World Congress with high participation and a rich program between 10-16 July 2017 in Ankara. After completing all the necessary preparations and taking the required security precautions, we will be honored to host you in Ankara. We believe that participating in IDEA 2017 will be the most meaningful and correct answer against the terrorist acts that are being tried to spread fear and being created a chaos environment all over the world.

We will be more than happy to see you as a part of our IDEA 2017 peace circle.

With Our Best Regards,

IDEA 2017
Organizing Committee

IDEA 2016 Announcement from AiR Commission @ Murdoch on Vimeo.

Welcome Letter

Dear Participants,

9th of triennially International Drama, Theatre and Education Association (IDEA) World Congress will be held on 10th-16th July 2017 in Ankara/Turkey for the first time. We would like to express our excitement and honour for hosting the most important congress of drama world, along with 1000 participants from more than 80 countries, at the capital city of Turkish Republic.

The theme of the congress is designated as “CIRCLE” in order to argue and evaluate once again each topic related to human, society, life, especially the concepts of solidarity, democratic culture, freedom, justice and equity on drama, theatre, education and interrelations platform.

The talks of distinguished invited speakers of the World, more than 100 workshops, special topic groups and round table discussions, oral presentations of the researches and works of the participants will be in the scientific program of the congress. Additionally, young IDEA members will present their colorful artistic performances.

Along with the academic and artistic program, there will be social and cultural activities that provide experience of cultural and natural beauties of Ankara and neighborhoods. The congress will be organized in cooperation with The Contemporary Drama Association and Ankara University and will be executed at Ankara University Cebeci Campus.

We are looking forward to see all participants at 9th IDEA World Congress, which we put our effort to make it most impressive meeting of the year 2017.

Dr. Ömer Adıgüzel
IDEA 2017 Chair
Ankara University, Culture and Art Coordinator
The Contemporary Drama Association, Chairman

Congress Theme

In a world where globalization increases day by day, the need grows for understandings like solidarity, democratic culture, freedom, justice, equality and respect. As theater and drama people, we believe that we must stand from an equal point to everybody and maintain solidarity among each other, which is why we have determined the theme “Circle for a fair World”.
The “Circle” brings a great opportunity for improvement in democratic attitude and behavior by giving the understanding that everyone stands equally from one another. For the Circle or Circles created with our fair labor and grow with our efforts and in time encompasses humanity and the world.
Since the birth of mankind, it is possible to observe forms of Circles in all of human actions. Especially during childhood the circle grows so much that a large circle containing almost everybody is created. With the increase of age, different circles from before are formed based on the basic actions of individuals.
Anatolia the cradle of civilizations, where our event shall take place, has earned it’s title from the migration and intercultural interactions which we shall touch upon and discuss at our event. Interculturalism is formed by different communities getting to know each other and finalizes with blending of the cultures. “Art is hidden under a small pinch of grass for those who know it’s secret. Those who do not know this secret will think that it is under a mountain” is an annonymous saying which was formed as a result of interculturalism in this region and expresses that art is everywhere.
A big circle of the world’s drama and theater people shall be formed in Ankara. At our congress, the relation between theater, drama and education shall be examined, “Circle for a fair World” themed workshops, papers, academic and theater performance programs such as special interest groups shall give place to entitled studies such as:
  • Cultural interaction, imigration and contiguity,
  • Social life policies and human relations,
  • To belong, to be in or out ,
  • To form creative drama circles in education, culture and art,
  • A life without circles.
We are looking forward to seeing your work.
Come on! To the Circle!

Key Information

International Drama, Theatre and Education Association (IDEA), 9th WORLD CONGRESS, IDEA 2017

Ankara, Turkey, 10 - 16 July, 2017

Congress Theme

Congress Languages
The official languages of the IDEA 2017 is English / French / Spanish / Turkish.

Exhibition Area
Convenient spaces will be available for the exhibitors at the Venue.

Invitation Letter
Official letters of invitation can be printed from the online registration system after the registration procedure is completed. The organizing office may ask for the registration payment.

IDEA 2017 Scientific Activities

IDEA: International Drama / Theatre Education Association is made up of more than fifty performing arts associations all over the world. Since 1992, a World Congress gets all its members together every three years.
International Keynote Speakers will be invited from all around the world to share their valuable work and experience.
Workshops are defined by where a one-off group gets together to advance in a particular field. Workshops are small group works which are covered by different drama activities within a 90 minute duration. Workshops are prepared and led by a multidisciplinary group of artists, lecturers and researchers. People who are going to lead a workshop first has to apply and register from the Congress web site. After their registration, all workshop proposals will be evaluated by the scientific committee. The committee decides if the workshop application is sufficient or not.
Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are made of several workshops thought up to be attended to all along the congress. The SIGs are coordinated, prepared and led by a multidisciplinary group of artists, lecturers and researchers…The SIGs shape will be defined by the organizers. Ideally, each participant should be able to speak in at least two of the official languages of the congress (English, French, Spanish).
Oral Presentations have been cleared for people who want to present their work, research and practices in a 15-20 minute duration. Participants first have to register and submit their proposals (abstract, methods, process, results, evaluation etc.) online from the Congress web site. All submissions will be evaluated and notified by the scientific committee. The presentations will be followed by a "question-and-answer" period for a dialogic space for presenters and audience.
Poster Presentations have been set up for people who want to display their work and research in a 60 minute duration in the poster area. Participants first have to register and submit their proposals (abstract, methods, process, results, evaluation etc.) online from the Congress web site. All submissions will be evaluated by the scientific committee. Presenters will have an opportunity to introduce an innovatory project and explain the graphic display and the contents of their work via individualized, informal discussion with people interested in their work.
Networking Meeting are planned as an interactive meeting for 40-45 people within the topics proposed by the participants. Participants who would like to moderate or lead a networking meeting have to register and submit the subject in a few sentences via online submission system from the congress website. Participants will have the chance to; present themselves- offer their values and share their expectations and opportunities within a 3 minute duration. This meeting will be followed by a 15 minute face to face break.
The Young Idea project will bring together a new generation of arts education practitioners. Before the congress begins, about thirty young people coming from different parts of the world will meet at Ankara University Cebeci Campus in order to devise a performance on the empowering role of arts education.


Local Organizing Committee

Ömer Adıgüzel, Chair, Ankara Univ.
Ali Öztürk, Anadolu Univ.
Esat Arber, MH
Ferhunde Demirkol, CDA
Hasan Hüseyin Altınova, Ankara Univ.
İhsan Metinnam, Ankara Univ.
İsmail Güven, Ankara Univ.
Nejat Akfırat, Kocaeli Univ.
Ö. Özlem Gökbulut, Ministry of Education
Orhan Güney Çınar, CDA
Pınar Özdemir Şimşek, Hacettepe Univ.
Serkan Keleşoğlu, Ankara Univ.
Songül Başbuğ, Ministry of Education
Zeki Özen, Ankara Univ.

Scientific Committee

Ayşegül Bayraktar, Turkey
Bülent Sezgin, Turkey
Canan Aslan, Turkey
Carmel O’sullivan, Ireland
Charru Sharma, USA
Fehime Nihal Kuyumcu, Turkey
Gerd Koch, Germany
Helen Nicholson, UK
İnci San, Turkey
Jenny Hughes, UK

Joachim Reiss, Germany
Joelle Aden, France
Lucilia Valente, República Portuguesa
Mustafa Sever, Turkey
Müge Artar, Turkey
Onur Çalışkan, Turkey
Oylum Akkuş İspir, USA
Pamela Bowell, UK
Rifat Miser, Turkey
Selen Korad Birkiye, Turkey
Shifra Schonmann, Israel

Important Dates for Submission

Workshop Proposal Deadline: 24 February 2017
Abstract Submission Deadline: 03 March 2017
Notification of Acceptance (Workshop): 24 March 2017
Notification of Acceptance (Abstract): 31 March 2017

Important Dates for Registration

Author (Workshop) Payment Deadline: 14 April 2017
Author (Abstract) Payment Deadline: 21 April 2017
Early Registration Deadline:14 April 2017
Normal Registration Deadline: 30 June 2017

Registration Fees

Registration Type
Early Registration
(Before 14 April 2017)
Normal Registration
(Before 30 June 2017)
Late Registration
(After 30 June 2017)
IDEA Member
Band A
440 € 490 € 540 €

Band B
330 € 380 € 430 €

Band C
220 € 260 € 310 €
IDEA Non-Member
Band A 490 € 540 € 590 €
Band B 380 € 430 € 480 €

Band C 270 € 310 € 360 €

If you're having trouble seeing the band category, turn off the VPN-like applications.

Band's category list.

We have created 3 different fee lists as Band A, B and C with the aim of supporting developing and least developed countries. Your band is choosen automatically by the system according to your pc's ip number.

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Registration Fee Includes

Welcome reception
Access to all scientific and poster sessions
Access to the exhibition area
Congress bag and badge
Certificate of Attendance
Book of Abstracts
Coffee breaks


Ankara University Cebeci Campus

Ankara University
As the oldest university of the Turkish Republic, the history and mission of Ankara University has greatly coincided with that of the young state founded by Atatürk. The establishment of the Turkish Republic was much more than just a change in government; it was also a great social transformation based on modern science, contemporary democratic values and institutions. Similarly, the institution of Ankara University can be considered one of Atatürk’s most important statements on the character and objectives of higher education, that should be entrusted the State rather than other institutions. The foundation of Ankara University was a personal initiative of Atatürk, meant to form the basis of his principles and revolutionary ideas; to disseminate, firmly establish and defend these principles and ideas that express modernity, science and enlightenment nationwide.

Turkey in Brief

Turkey is a rapidly developing secular democracy with a population of nearly 70 million and is a candidate for membership of the European Union. It is the only country to straddle Europe and Asia, a fact that is reflected in its complex cultural make up. Asiatic Turkey, or Anatolia, constitutes the bulk of the country. It consists of a vast peninsula framed by four seas, the Black Sea, the Sea of Marmara, the Aegean and the Mediterranean, each of which has its own distinctive character. Both in human and geographical terms, Turkey is a country of immense diversity. There are crowded cosmopolitan cities,


Banking & Currency Exchange

Credit Cards

Personal Insurance & Liability & Emergency

Local Time

Climate & Dressing

Business & Shopping Hours


Electricity Supply

Host City Ankara

Very familiar to most people as the capital of Turkey, Ankara is actually only the country's second-biggest city, although considerably smaller than Istanbul. However, Ankara is actually a very large and presentable Turkish city, constantly expanding and offering a rather sophisticated and modern character. Many wide streets are now lined with coffee shops and eateries, particularly around the energetic Kavaklidere, Bahceli and Kizilay areas.

Various tourist hotspots present themselves around the city of Ankara and in particular, along the Ataturk Bulvari, which serves as a prominent artery. The Ulus Meydani, known simply as 'Ulus', is another important tourism hub in the city and this central square is close to a number of leading museums.

Although Ankara is somewhat overshadowed by the enormous Turkish city of Istanbul, it does compete well in with the quality of touristic attractions it provides. The city's Citadel walls are ancient and comprise a mixture of different architectural styles through the ages. Also of a great age and much visited are the Roman Baths of Ankara, which are still in a good state of repair, considering that they are more than 1,700 years old. The Ataturk Mausoleum is yet another major sight, while for families, the attractions within the Ataturk Forest Farm and Zoo and Aquapark Club Watercity come highly recommended.

Head to the Old Town 'Ulus' area of Ankara to find the most historical landmarks and imposing mosques. These include both the Lion's Den Mosque (Aslanhane Camii) and the Yeni Mosque (Cenab Ahmet Pasa Camii), with the ancient Column of Julian (Queen of Sheba Monument) also standing within this part of the city. For the best views of Ankara, head to the Cankaya area and climb to the top of the Atakule Tower, where the panorama are quite unbeatable.

There are several very notable museums to be found within Ankara, offering a broad spectrum of information on a range of different topics, including the city's rich Ottoman history and even of the founder of the Republic of Turkey himself, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. The award-winning Museum of Anatolian Civilizations should certainly feature at the top of any sightseeing itinerary, along with the Ankara Ethnography Museum.

If you are planning to head outside of Ankara and looking for possible day trips, then you will be pleased to find endless appealing Turkish delights within easy reach of the city itself. Many will favor excursions to the historical town of Beypazari. For something very different and quite extraordinary, be sure to check out the unique, moon-like rock formations of Cappadocia.

  • Area: approximately 971 square miles / 2,516 square kilometers
  • Population: approximately 3.9 million
  • Country Dialing code: +90
  • Telephone Area Code: 312
  • Average daily Ankara July temperature: 28°C / 82°F

Getting Around Ankara

Ankara has a big public transportation system with two connected underground systems, and two type bus systems (According to the types of bus you can either purchase your ticket from a ticket kiosk (Tr. büfe) or ride a bus for which you pay after you get onto the bus), There is also a "dolmuş" system (These are mini-buses with an fixed route and fixed fee). and operate till 00:00. Taxis work all day.

Travel Information

Getting to the city and the Congress Site from the Ankara Esenboğa Airport

IDEA 2017 World Congress Office provides private transfer services, available for those who register as a user at the congress webpage The transfer service can be purchased at a cost of 40 EUR, and has the advantage of a clean, safe and air-conditioned vehicle and guaranteed exact price.

Delegates who purchased a transfer service from IDEA 2017 World Congress Office will be picked up at the International Terminal Arrivals Lounge if their flight is direct from outside Turkey to Ankara, and at the Domestic Terminal Arrivals Lounge if their flight is via Istanbul, i.e. with transfer flight from Istanbul to Ankara. Therefore, passengers that fly via Istanbul are kindly requested to come to the Domestic Terminal Arrivals Lounge, which is about 250 meters away from the International Terminal. In both domestic and international arrivals, delegates will be met by a representative holding a Board with the Congress Logo. If any delays are experienced due to problems, such as delayed luggage etc., it is recommended to contact the transfer representatives for their assistance.

On the 11th – 12th – 13th – 14th – 15th of July, student representatives from Ankara University will be at the Airport Site, at both the Domestic and International Terminals Arrival Lounges, from 9:00 to 21:00 to provide the Congress Participants with practical information and assistance. Student representatives will be wearing a WHITE t-shirt with the IDEA 2017 Logo on.

In addition, a frequent shuttle service, BELKO, provides access between Ankara Esenboğa Airport and the city center. BELKO Bus services are scheduled for all flights arriving at Esenboga Airport. BELKO buses leave for the city center 25 minutes after aircraft landings. The journey to the city centre (Belko City Bus Stop) takes about 30 minutes. From this point, it is recommended to take a taxi from the terminal’s taxi ranks to access the city centre Hotels or the Ankara University campus area (The bus fare is BELKO 8 Turkish Liras – about 4 EUR; and the taxi fare around 20-25 Turkish Liras – about 10 EUR.)

From the city center (Belko City Bus Stop), buses to the airport depart at 03:00 – 04:00 and every half hour between 04:30 and 21:30. Between 21:30 and 03:00 services are arranged according to the departure times of flights.

There is also a municipal bus, number 442, that runs between the Airport and the Ankara Inter-city Coach Terminal (AŞTİ). These buses can be caught at the passenger exit doors of the arrival floors of both Domestic and International Terminals.

Finally, it is also possible to take a taxi from the Airport Taxi rank all the way to the hotel. A typical fare to the city centre hotels or the ANKARA UNIVERSITY campus would be around 80-100 Turkish Liras, which is about 45 EUR.

From the 9th of July Monday onwards, student representatives from ANKARA UNIVERSITY will be at the Airport Site, at both the Domestic and International Terminals Arrival lounges, from 9:00 to 21:00 to provide the Congress Participants with practical information and help. This service will end on the 10-16 July 2017.

Getting to and from the Congress Site

All Congress sessions and Opening Reception will take place at the ANKARA UNIVERSITY Campus, which is 7 km away from the city center (MAP 2). Majority of the Congress Hotels are at the city centre and in the Kavaklıdere area; therefore, a shuttle transfer will be running between the Congress Hotels and ANKARA UNIVERSITY. This shuttle will be available only for the participants who booked their hotel rooms via The required shuttle tickets will be delivered to the delegates via e-mail prior to their arrival.

Map 2: City Center Hotels area and the ANKARA UNIVERSITY Campus, the Congress Site.

It is also possible to reach ANKARA UNIVERSITY campus by ANKARA UNIVERSITY district buses, EGO buses, minibuses (dolmuş) and taxi.

Map 3: Ankara Rapid Transit Network, Metro, Ankaray

Organized by


Organization Office

ARBER Professional Congress Services
Sair Nedim Sokak No: 19/ 1 A.Ayranci 06540 Ankara - TURKEY
Phone : + 90 312 441 07 00
Fax : + 90 312 441 07 01
E-mail :
Web :